We Care For Your Forest

Our mission is to assist private landowners in the education and maintenance of their woodlot.

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Thinking Green, Even When We Dream

Integrated Woodlot Management (I.W.M.) is a full service Forestry Consulting company. We provide a wide variety of forestry services to clients across Ontario that improve and maintain the health of their trees and woodlots.

Our first consultation is always free! We have the best tree experts and clean up crew in the business and our goal is to make it look like we were never there, minus the tree. I.W.M. is fully insured to protect ourselves and the homeowner.

We pride ourselves on our quick service response, usually one or two business days after booking with us.

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As Ontario tree experts, we love working outdoors in our clients’ yards and woodlots, and have many years of experience creating stunning properties. Our services include:

  • Tree Removal & Chipping
  • Stump Grinding & Stump Tour
  • Tree & Hedge Trimming and Planting
  • Insect and Disease Assessments and Control
  • Long Term Woodlot Management
  • Leaf Raking and Yard Cleanup
  • Property and Private Hydro Line Clearing
  • Grapevine Eradication
  • Water-Access Cottages & Properties
  • Tree Recycling

Stump Removal

After taking care to fell the unwanted tree, we organize 4 stump tours a year in the spring, early summer, late summer, and fall were we offer on-site stump grinding services to completely remove any sign of the tree ever having been in your woodlot or yard. If your interested in having a stump added to the next tour call us over.

chain saw
tree removal

Tree Removal & Chipping

Despite the loud sounds of chainsaws and other tree removal tools, we remove any sign of us being in your yard.

Our professional tree services include cutting unwanted, hazardous or dead trees from your yard through chipping or removal to a waste facility – whether large or small, we care for them all! We will come to you and provide tree removal services.

Tree & Hedge Trimming and Planting

Before considering complete tree removal, Angelique believes that trees may only need lots of TLC and I.W.M. provides tree pruning and trimming services for those wild-at-heart trees and shrubs in your yard. Add years to your trees with a small haircut, and make your trees look beautiful again!

arbor culture

Tree Recycling

Tree Whisperer, Angelique does not believe in simply throwing away all tree trunks and branches that I.W.M. removes. Instead, her creative flair from nature sees her producing a multitude of unique, beautiful wood products.

Nature Supplied by Integrated Woodlot Management was started in 2013 as a way to give back to our tree clients. Candle holders, Stick pens, Coasters, Trivets, Keepsakes, Place holders and Business card holders are crafted in Angel’s wood shop from wood pieces collected on the clients job site then returned to them when completed.

In addition, I.W.M. also sells affordable firewood from the leftover trees. Call us to place your order of natural wood goods that are great for gifts; or to keep your home warm in the winter with plenty of firewood for your wood-burning fireplace or wood stove.


Nature Supplied is a division of I.W.M.

For more information about our professional tree services or our wood products drop us a line. We care for your Forest, one tree at a time.


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